Components Data Sheets

Here you can find all the data sheets of the components used in our projects:

TTL Logic Family


74LS00 Quad 2-Input Nand Gates



Six Hex Inverters

(60Kb) 74LS08 Quad 2-Input And Gates
(46Kb) 74LS11 Triple 3-Input And Gates
(60Kb) 74LS32 Quad 2-Input Or Gates
(66Kb) 74LS244 Octal 3-State Line Receiver
(66Kb) 74LS245 3-State Octal Bus Transceiver

CMOS Logic Family



Quad 2-Input Shmidt Triggered Nand Gates



14 Stage Carry Ripple Binary Counter


CD40106 Six Shmidt Triggered Hex Inverters


CD4001 Quad 2-Input Nor Buffered Gates

Other Logic Circuits



Programmable 8 Bit I/O Serial Interface 

(169Kb) 82C55

Programmable 8 Bit I/O Interface

Analogic Circuits



Analogic Comparator / Ampl.



Timer / Oscillator

Discrete Components



NPN Standard Low Power Transistor

(312Kb) BC337 NPN Standard Low Power Transistor
(69Kb) BC327 PNP Standard Low Power Transistor
(41Kb) BD137 NPN Standard Medium Power Transistor


IRFP150 N-Channel High Power Mosfet 


IRF530 N-Channel Power Mosfet



High Voltage Fast Switching Bipolar Transistor 


1N4007 1.0 A General Purpose Diode 

Voltage Regulator/Switching Controller



3-Pins Positive Voltage Regulator (5V)


UC3846 H-Bridge PWM Switching Controller


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