EMP Weapon I   

A EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) weapon is a device that can tilt permanently any electronic equipment using microwave pulses. The most common way to produce microwave is to use a magnetron from a microwave oven and because this requires a power supply capable of about 1000W, the easiest way to build a mobile device is to use a capacitor carged by a HV generator and discharged throught the magnetron.
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This is the first EMP device I've built: it is composed by four stage. The first stage is the voltage regulator that can provide a voltage from 0 to 24V @ 3A . The second stage is the step-up transformer mounted in feedback configuration that produce about 500V at considerable high current ( this circuit was suggested me from the HV mobile device circuit designed by Christian Auer ). This quite high voltage is rectificated by D2 and stored in C2 (a microvawe oven cap) to feed the three-stage Marx Generator used to produce a pulse of about 2Kv. This pulse go throught the magnetron that produce microwave.
  • The choose of Tr1 is critical, in fact some transformers may stop oscillating when the output is shorted with a capacitor ( this is a problem of my project because i use a big xformer, the little version of Christian Auer works very well! ).

  • The voltage from the transformer is too low and so the Marx doesn't fire. Is necessary to find a different kind of HV generator from 24V which provides a higher voltage

  • The Marx Generator doesn't provide an adeguate voltage or current

  • The microwave range is too small

Safety Hints
  • Microwave radiation is very dangerous

  • Don't touch any part of the circuit while the device is on

  • Pay attention to the caps, they may be charghed to high voltage

  • Don't stand in front of the magnetron while the circuit is on because you may be radiated

  • Don't use this circuit near any electronic device


This projects is the first EMP device, it is a prototype. It has got so many problems that we suggest you not build it ! A new project is coming soon. We are waiting for your suggestions!

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