EMP weapon project II


This EMP device is very similar to the first project, but it produce high voltage using a ignition coil; infact the step-up circuitry is the simple ignition coil driver presented in this site. All the components needed are quite cheap and  easy to find (if you can't find the 4093 you can use any Shmidt triggered quad nand IC). 


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There's not much to say about this device, it is composed by a variable duty-cycle (R4) and frequency (R3) oscillator that drives the ignition coil trought the mosfet. Is very important trim the duty-cycle to obtain a high voltage ouput of about 3000-3500 V, higher voltage will destroy all marx capacitors. The high voltage produced charges the marx generator connected to the magnetron. The resistor R6 is very important (it will get hot quickly), because it protects the capacitors from overload in case of non-firing of the spark-gaps.  

Safety Hints

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